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key advice from a fan to players for the game:

advice #1)
No matter what happens in the field, what the scenario is, never lose your cool, do not get angry, do not despair. Remember, you have what it takes to do the job. Australians are not superman. they are prone to error just like us. they eat, sleep, enjoy their time just like all of us. they can make mistakes too. Albert Einstein famous quote comes to my mind:

"there are only two ways to live your life:
Live like everything is a miracle or live like nothing is a miracle"

take whatever message you want from the quote but i feel this is a good quote to share!

advice #2)
if you are afraid, the game is lost right there. just go out there and get the job done, do not worry about fans or fans expectations. Fear will only make it worse!

With that being said: may the Best team win!
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