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Originally Posted by LBW103
Prediction: Shuvagoto Hom is not international standard and will get found out badly against Australia. He was axed from the pre-WC squad by Siddons very quickly yet now he is going to bat in the top 4?

Alok Kapali should have gone with the A team to South Africa and proven himself there.

I fear for both of these players. They may never be heard of again if the get torn up by the Australians.

I really WANT to be wrong....
LBW - I hear yea but for someone who hasn't seen the players first hand or not in a while can you elaborate as it appears you have more recent exposure?

With Kapali I'm guessing it's just the rust of not having faced a express, high-quality attack that will not give you too many 4 balls and fielding that is potentially asphyxiating. Similarly, an aggressive and powerful batting unit will probably treat loopy, slow-through-air leggies as canon-fodder.

But what would the issue for Hom? Bad technique? Lack of a gameplan against better attack? Nerves?
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