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Originally Posted by Achilles
Where is the arrogance? I was merely responding to another post where it was stated that no body cares about India winning the world cup - all I said in repartee to that particular post that Indians care about winning the cup and since we are a huge population - it means that a lot of people do care.

So what arrogance are you referring too?? Also - am I right in assuming that as an Indian I don't have the right to back India when the "who cares" statement is made?

On the issue of the Test status - I have other posts - read them. I fully favour BD as a Test nation - but you guys need to refocus more on actual results and not so much on Sakib is the best allrounder and best that and a sudden single victory. I had explained in detail to one Ayan - on how BD should draw a line and make a 7-8 year plan on reaching a certain level of competence. Australia did this against WI, India did this against the Aussies, SA did this kind of planning. So should you.

On the 75/79 World remember we had really good batters and bowlers. However telling them to play in a 60 (then it used to be so) overs contest was akin to asking a Ballet dancer to do the Tap dance. The game was not even understood in the mind - the best opening bat in those days - Gavaskar played 60 overs for 36 - what does that tell you? That he couldn't play? Or that he did not understand how this format is played? He had all the shots, he scored 771 runs against the Windies, in the Windies against bowlers like Garner/Holding/Roberts in his first series. The game today is not even close to the games played upto 1987.......Australia changed all that.
Well there are always some extremist people in every country who will come with all such crap and who would always be jealous of India. You have similar people in India too but that does not mean they represent everyone. You should ignore them. Remember these are the people who also do not take any criticism. They have been limited by their mindset and their knowledge is based on what people around them talk. They are like frog in a well

Like India was in 79, learning, similarly people in BD are also learning on how to build innings, rotate strike and other such things. Well I still believe playing all nonsense tests will never help. Already the P-6 just simply avoid tests against us. Even WI and NZ also do not want to play tests. Hence rather we should become experts in ODI and then move to Tests.
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