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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Can't you acknowledge the coach isn;t good enough?

If a class does bad, you dont change the class, rathar you change the teacher, who is proven incapable by the result of his class.

And you dont mind blaming about 30 pool players who are all wrong IYO and your one man is all correct?
i acknowledge that siddons negative mindset was bad for us..but batting wise he is not a bad coach..blaming him doesn't justify Holden Pointed out that Watson was largely benefited by siddons,its our own gullibility that we were not able to get something out of him...and enough with the blames..its our own fault that we are in this position in international cricket...10 years have passed and we are still in the dark ages in the domestic cricket..all of our players learn to play quality cricket in the international stage and that isn't a good place to start ur basics
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