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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Can't you acknowledge the coach isn;t good enough?

If a class does bad, you dont change the class, rathar you change the teacher, who is proven incapable by the result of his class.

And you dont mind blaming about 30 pool players who are all wrong IYO and your one man is all correct?
Well i cant say about who is blaming whom or what,but to explain ur anology banfan,in a class of 30 students not all come first.only one does,but the teacher gives the same teaching to all the thirty students.

why all the thirty dont do well? coz all of them dont put the same effort..

in the same way.our team has sakib and tamim...coz they work that hard.before siddons.we had only Mr Ash..talent but no consistancy..

Tamim and shak, are the product of siddons.and what i see there has been some improvements.maybe not as expected.

we can argue about that for all day long.and i dont wish to waste my time on that.the only reason i felt like replying to ur comment,coz it seemed u had a blind eye against siddons..and i personally dont like,to discredit someones hardwork,no matter how small it is,even if it doesnt bring any long as someones trying.

for now siddons is leaving.if he has done some good.those result will remain.if he hasnt,who ever new coach will come i hope he improves the team further.

i wish you all the best.have a great day.
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