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Originally Posted by Ganesh
It was more like Gavaskar didn't care. And he didn't learn the new format of cricket. He was a typical opener who saw off the new ball and made runs after that. Even in the 80s there were some innings from Gavaskar which could be questioned. The game Miandad hit last ball sixer, Gavaskar played nearly 50 overs(like some 134 balls) for 92. Extra 15 runs from him would have made world of difference that day.
There was another game in Australia where he remained not out at 92 when chasing 290+. India finished at 190 that game. Also, it is factually incorrect to claim Gavaskar made 771 runs against WI when the bowlers were Garner Holding Roberts in his first series. His first series was terrific. But, WI bowlers post Wes Hall and Pre Roberts era was very weak. That was the attack he destroyed in 1971. Surely a terrific achievement from debutant. He did make a lot of runs against Marshall, Holding and Roberts later on in his career when he played against them later on.
You are right about 71 series - but still wouldn't exactly call a bowling attack which had Holder, Davis and Sobers in it "weak".....
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