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Originally Posted by incredible
I am confused why you guys are negative by saying he wont get a game...

KKR said they planned this years team and specially spin department based on Shakib and the rest of the bowlers bowling with him....

just google KKR and Shakib...and see how many news there are about Lee and Shakib joining them...

Let's hope he does well...
So do I.

I think some of the negativity may be coming from some of SRK's comments previously regarding Mashrafe and then Mashrafe didn't play until much much later. Mashrafe played bad that game but I don't think had he been given 3-4 matches he wouldn't have done as bad as Henriques overall

I dislike SRK almost as much as some of the actual Kolkata guys for the exclusion of the third highest run scorer in the IPL last year-Ganguly. Gavasker in his column was highly critical of his exclusion as well and although Kallis is a great allrounder, his strike rate is not than much better than Ganguly's so Ganguly being a slow player didn't really buy with me
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