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there is a bigger problem with allowing tournaments like ICL. no sports administering body would tolerate a parallel sporting body. and it is better for cricket that way. for one, something like ICL is not connected to the domestics and has absolutely zero obligation to either domestics in India or to ICC or other boards.
for example IPL pays every mother board 10% of the fees of its players, ICL had no reason to do that. (f.e BCB will get 10% of what shakib gets from IPL)
even worse, if ICL became popular soon they could have challenged ICC itself and poached away players from mainstream cricket altogether, like what happened during the packer circus. no, it's best that these type of tournaments remain within the ambit of ICC and its member boards.

god forbid, we could have had a situation like in chess where the best players couldn't play each other because they swore allegiance to different bodies. there were two chess world champions !
Cricket is all political now and that's what I hate the most.
cricket administration, like any other sport has always been political.
Cricket boards have to ensure that. IPL is good; but its greediness will kill many cricketers as well as cricket. Cricket boards (and the ICC) are responsible for that.
I don't agree. I don't see how. if anything tournaments like IPL and to a lesser extent big bash allows players to play with a free mind without having to bother about their livelihood. IPL has been there for 4 years and if anything cricket, including test cricket is in better health than it was 4 years ago.
while the ICC could regulate the duration of such leagues
ICC does not and should not have the right to interfere in domestic competitions. that is a recipe for disaster.
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