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Originally Posted by Isnaad
^^^Oh I see.....

Regarding Ganguly's late entry:
This for some reason seems sort of humiliating for KKR fans...
Yeah it is embarrassing, not having a single bengal origin guy there, no matter how much they try and pass off Morgan as Tamim undergoing Fair and Lovely TM metamorphosis it won't get Bangali support

You're not a west bengal by any chance right? Chittagonian? if you are then you must have nice views chittagong is a beautiful place, G Smith goes holidaying there. I should have something in my sig saying BD cricket is my oxygen too lol, hope I'm not mistaken by anyone, I try and remain as objective as I can, sometimes i fail though

What's more embarassing though is having Shah Rukh khan as owner (Whatmore's a good coach, I just picked on him becuase of shakib's exclusion). What is even more embarassing is being called Knight Riders with no Hasselhoff on the team and no talking car-Tata and Maruti are hardly futuristic prototypes (never was a watcher of the show, preferred macgyver-would have preferred Kolkata Macgyvers-gave it a better ring IMO)
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