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Originally Posted by mar umpire
Yeah it is embarrassing, not having a single bengal origin guy there, no matter how much they try and pass off Morgan as Tamim undergoing Fair and Lovely TM metamorphosis it won't get Bangali support

You're not a west bengal by any chance right? Chittagonian? if you are then you must have nice views chittagong is a beautiful place, G Smith goes holidaying there. I should have something in my sig saying BD cricket is my oxygen too lol, hope I'm not mistaken by anyone, I try and remain as objective as I can, sometimes i fail though

What's more embarassing though is having Shah Rukh khan as owner (Whatmore's a good coach, I just picked on him becuase of shakib's exclusion). What is even more embarassing is being called Knight Riders with no Hasselhoff on the team and no talking car-Tata and Maruti are hardly futuristic prototypes (never was a watcher of the show, preferred macgyver-would have preferred Kolkata Macgyvers-gave it a better ring IMO)
In fact, I live in Chittagong but I am not a Chittagonian.....I am from Lakshmipur(Part of Noakhali district before 1971) by origin.... And yes, I do agree with your words very much, imo, a team that is dedicated for Bengal must have representatives from Bengal as well......hence, it is in fact more sensible that many people from WB are not supporting the team if not all...
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