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Originally Posted by bangladesh_sy
Bengaliprince what's up dude long time no see. I thought you stopped coming here, glad to see you around.

Did KKR already play against Pune? I would love to see Ganguly have a go at KKR.

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good man, joined uni in 2009, so life away from home and regular pc and internet connections! U doing ok? Rarely see u on msn, u still on?

KKR havent played Pune yet, think it's on the 19th (when I have an OSCE! arghh) but playing in Mumbai I scheduled Pune vs KKR in Kolkata...haha

ATMR, hope ur kl bro, but I think South Asian mentality is different (and I know, sums me up!) where there HAS to be a connection with the locality. I've noticed this with English football, and from what you told me American leagues that it's slightly different.

Having said that, I'm a proud supporter of my local football team even though they are in Man U/Arsenal/Liverpool for me!
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