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Guys I can totally relate to the stories above. I too am from a very poor family. People think outside bangaldesh means wealthy but no not us. Our family used food stamps for our bi-weekly groceries. It wasn't enough for 4 of us. I was always hungry. One thing that kept me alive were books. I got into college and worked part time sweeping cafeteria floors - trying to pay for my meal plan. But I successfully made it through college with a GPA of 3.9. I graduated. But now there is no job. I worked so hard to be educated but it is worthless now.

I need help financially and emotionally. I appealed to many people for help but they can't relate to me. I am a brown guy. Brown guys are wealthy but cheap - they think it's my fault that I am poor. Non-brown ppl can't relate to me at all... they give money to the drug addicts but not me.

I am responsible for my 2 little brothers and 1 little sister. I worry about their future.

Just venting my frustration in this thread about this cruel world.
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