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Originally Posted by Tiger444
I actually like that XI and add Enamul in there and that's my test XI. I disagree with you about Zunaed though. In ODIs, yes he's inconsistent but in tests last year the guy hit a 100 against England at home and then hit 2 50s against England in Lord's. SN is the better man at the #3 but at the opener's spot his record is better then Imrul. I wouldn't mind if he's there instead of Imrul at opener. And would rather have Shuvo in there then Sajib.
U know as much as I do they are not gonna drop Imrul. So no point thinking about it. Shuvo is also good I forgot about him. Although it's best if u can shape up Razzaq. He is a very attacking bowler, if he can improve on his test skills it will be beneficial for us

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