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Truth is Netanyahu is nothing, he is just a stooge for powerful right-wing Israeiis.

If you look at his cabinet he has worst radicals who help him to get into power in last election. People like Avigdor Lieberman who is probably more radical for average Israeli's liking. Ehud Barak fares no better. Then there is Eli Yishai the interior minister known for his racist (hates anyone non-jews ie goyim) rants onces in a while.

Netanyahoo's job is to find a middle path, one where he has to appease these hardliners while at the same time avoid confrontation with Obama. So far he has managed both successfully though with some difficulty.

Obama was never serious about peace in Mid-East. He is one of those presidents too occupied with domestic problems to worry about what happens half the world away. Once in a while he throws his inspiring speeches and then sends his incompetent envoys to handle the crisis.

Even if Obama was serious about it, he would have to bypass the AIPAC and senate, a near impossible task.

Israel does not want peace, because under a peace agreement they can't go annexing more territories of a sovereign internationally recognised Palestine. They prefer the status quo, or Netanyahu does at least. It would mean end to the billion+ dollar aid as well as Israel would be finally "secure".
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