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Originally Posted by Banglaguy
How can you lose faith, when you shouldn't of had faith in the first place. You can't even go Israel on a Bangadeshi passport.
Not all of us are restricted to a Bangladeshi passport. I've been to Israel...great place, with great people, who on the whole are a lot less hateful than you would think.

You have millions in Bangladesh who probably can't spell Israel, but froth at the mouth at the mere mention of the name.

I blame the impasse not on Israel, but on the Palestinians and the Arabs as a whole. Look back to what Israel was when it was created and what it is today, you take away the pathetic attempts to wipe 'Israel off the map' and there would already be a viable Palestinian state co-existing side by side.

You can't spring war on a nation, declare you don't accept its right to exist, and then when you get your collective *** kicked then complain about the victors taking the spoils of war.

Obama is not the 1st US Prez is mention the 1967 borders, land swaps, and a continuous Palestinian state(Dubya) said the same thing, yet the Palestinians with no bargaining chips of their own, with no influence refuse to accept. I truly believe in the principle of beggers can't be choosers.

Hamas needs to come out and say, Israel has a right to exist without any ambiguity as it is today(a Jewish State), and that it no longer seeks to destroy it, while taking concrete steps to prove that it is not seeking to destroy it.

The Palestinians need to accept, there will never be a right of return, the Israelis will not allow millions of muslims to come back, that would threaten the very existence of their nation(I don't care about the rights/wrongs of the issue), the fact remains it will not happen.

They need to tell the Israelis we will concede this, and you concede the outpost settlements, and equitable land swaps for the heavily populated ones. That leaves only the issue of Jerusalem to question....if neither side will give up to the other on this issue, then declare Jerusalem an international city. Have it under the control of the UN, policed by the UN.

No one gives a toss about the Palestinians, your average arab hates them, and considers them to be petty thieves and scum, yet their governments use the poor Palestinians to breed hate against Israel, all the while doing nothing to change the status quo.
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