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Originally Posted by Zunaid
F6 - you pretty much have summed up dispassionately the facts on the ground as it truly exists. Be prepared for the stone throwers (pun intended). The Palestinians in general do have to give up on the right of return and the Hamas and others of that ilk do need to recognize Israel's right to exist. Israel on the other hand does need to let go of parts if Jerusalem and withdraw from most of the settlements it has built in the West Bank to cement their facts on the ground.

Both parties need to compromised. The Palestinians cannot because they are being used by the Arabs. The Israelis will not because of the unqualified US support driven in part by right-wing religious republicans who see biblical promised land. I am surprised that Obama went as far as he did - and that too in this election cycle.
The stone throwers with all due respect, can go do one.

As for Obama, he speaks infront of AIPAC in a few days, don't worry he'll be singing a different tune infront of them.

I honestly believe in this current situation, the 1st move has to be made by the Palestinians and Arabs.

They all need to come out and unconditionally say,

"We recognize the State of Israel, we recognize its right to exist as a legitimate nation-state"

Not only does it take away another stick for Israel to beat them with, but also places pressure on Israel to then reciprocate that gesture.

As for peace, and compromise, I actually think they are both very very close(Arafat should have sealed the deal...what a fool). The bible thumping retards might not want Israel to 'give away' anything, but that is not what the people of Israel feel.
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