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Originally Posted by F6_Turbo
I honestly believe in this current situation, the 1st move has to be made by the Palestinians and Arabs.

They all need to come out and unconditionally say,

"We recognize the State of Israel, we recognize its right to exist as a legitimate nation-state"

What move are they supposed to make? PA recongises Israel. Hamas can be made to recongise Israel via referendum. Hamas said it clearly many times, while they do not recognise Israel, they will do so if it is approved by Palestinian referendum and if its within 1967 border.,7...249568,00.html

Now can Israel be made to give up Golan Heights and East Jerusalem and most of those territories?

So here is a country, that does not want to give up land it occupied wrongfully (1967 border), does not cease settlement activity, does not want to share Jerusalem.

As for Hamas, when they rightfully won the election 5 years ago, Israel and US jumped in and didn't accept the result. Now why should Hamas be all that caring and recognise Israel unconditionally? They got treated like dirt first time.

As for peace, and compromise, I actually think they are both very very close(Arafat should have sealed the deal...what a fool). The bible thumping retards might not want Israel to 'give away' anything, but that is not what the people of Israel feel.
The bible thumping whatever are the right wing political parties of Israel. Today they are in power. People like Avigdor Lieberman & Eli Yishai who are hated in Israel for their extreme views holds key important posts (foreign and interior ministry). The ultra-right wing Yisrael Beiteinu party was responsible for the current coalition that runs Israel today.

Not to mention the rich Evangelicals up in US + AIPAC pulling the triggers.

Regardless what average Israelis think when it comes to voting time, they vote for these right wing fascists whose only mission in life is to create Greater Biblical Israel not one with secured defined borders with normalised relation with Arab world.

Hence the settlement issue.
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