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Why does there need to be a referendum for the recognition of Israel? I find the entire exercise to be hilarious.

Hamas are a political entity, they should be setting the agenda, and as I said, it needs to be done unconditionally. The issue of borders can be settled once we move past the core issue.

You correctly cite the illegal occupation, but you completely ignore how the Golan and East Jerusalem came under Israeli control. Not to mention, the Golan Heights is an issue for Syria and Israel to sort out...

As far as the treatment of Hamas is concerned, what planet do you live on? Of course they were dealt with harshly and not given a fair go, this is the real world we live in, you almost sound like you believe that the US is a beacon for democracy and freedom like it claims. You must have missed the fine print, it states, we stand for those things, so long as they suit us. It is just politics.

We now move on to the Israeli right wing, they've always been influential, especially with the Orthodox Jews, but like in all nations across the world, when do extremists prosper? When the moderates fail to take advantage of opportunities given to them. The PLO being incompetent led to the electoral rise of Hamas, and the same for the Israeli factions.

The right wing parties have played the role of King maker in recent times, but they are not the choice of the people at large...

Despite what AIPAC, Fox News, and US Senators indebted to the Jewish lobby might say, I still believe peace and compromise are only a couple of brave moves away.

As I said in my 1st post, everyone wants to go back to the 1967 borders, for Palestine to have East Jerusalem, for Syria to get back the Golan heights...funny thing is, if the collective 'might' - hahhaa.... of the Arab nations hadn't gone to war, the futility of the last 40+ years could have been avoided.

The Arabs and Palestinians speak of peace and recognition, and you speak of Zionist Imperialism, yet if the Arabs had not gone to war in 67, this discussion wouldn't be happening today.

I am not an Israeli apologist, the thousands of civilians the Israeli forces have killed(including children) is horrendous, they have in cahoots with the media managed to dehumanize the Palestinians to such an extent, most people don't even bat an eyelid at the death of Palestinians any longer.

But I cannot ignore the Arab stupidity and criminality at the same time. The State of Israel that the West created was half this size...who is to blame for the doubling of its size?

Originally Posted by Alien
Well no one here said they are zionist scums. If you look at the title of the thread, the thread started had some hope with Israel to begin with and was disappointed.

Criticizing Israel does not necessarily mean referring them to as Zionist scum.
No but you slandering me by saying I sounded like Salah Choudhury, implies that I am an Israeli apologist, and only those on the opposite end of the spectrum have an opinion worthy of consideration.
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