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Originally Posted by HereWeGo
Totally agree with you F6...
Its sort of became a blasphemy to even defend Israel.
because defending Israel's Defense Forces and most of their gov policies is not much different from defending Hamas. Both are theocratic institutions with a lot innocent blood on their hands. Palestinians and Israelis are a different issue as they are people.

I blame the impasse not on Israel, but on the Palestinians and the Arabs as a whole. Look back to what Israel was when it was created and what it is today, you take away the pathetic attempts to wipe 'Israel off the map' and there would already be a viable Palestinian state co-existing side by side.
F6, i had the same opinion from about 2002 onwards. however the report from the Sydney Morning Herald - a result of the wikileaks - has caused me to back track. In the past, I've had several posts which were quite "pro-Israel".

SENIOR Palestinian Authority officials are expected to face intense pressure to resign amid growing public anger over revelations that they were prepared to give away some of the Palestinians' most cherished claims to obtain a peace agreement with Israel.
Leaked documents chronicling the past decade of behind-the-scenes Middle East peace negotiations have shown the Palestinian leadership to be so eager for an agreement it was prepared to allow Israel to keep almost all Jewish settlements in occupied East Jerusalem.

The trove of more than 1600 documents, which have been leaked to the al-Jazeera news network and shared with The Guardian, indicate Israel rejected the unprecedented Palestinian offer as insufficient.

After reading the following, I've been skeptical of what the Israeli leadership has in mind. They have more to lose with peace than with the status quo. Just as a lasting peace would nullify the raison d'etre of groups like Hamas, it would also nip in the bud a lot of tangible benefits on the Israeli side as well who wants to put in the effort to gain nothing and actually lose a lot?
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