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@al Furquaan - why do you think the Palestinian Authorities are so desperate now(or were a couple of years ago) to reach an agreement, when talks under Clinton in 2000 came oh so close to fruition, but for the issue of Jerusalem and the Right of Return?

Arafat was given a great deal, possibly the best deal the Palestinians will ever get, and he got greedy, he thought he had more capital than he did, and of course Osama and his crew came along with 9/11 a year later, and the world we know it has changed.

So of course they were desperate, and the Israelis now sensing weakness have become less reluctant to compromise.

Just as an aside, not sure how interested you are in this topic...but I don't think the state of Jordan should exist. I really feel Palestine should be Gaza + West Bank + what is modern day Jordan.

These Hashemite [] like the Sauds somehow lucked into nations....

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