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Originally Posted by Zunaid
No matter the provocation, putting a bomb in a public place resulting in the deaths of hundreds of innocents and children is terrorism. Not saying the Israelis do not resort to similar acts but we need to recognize wrong no matter who perpetrated it.

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totally agree with everything and the underlined portion is indeed a correct statement. a True Muslim would never do this(kill innocents)!

Call me ignorant, Muslim lover or call me anything you want... but whatever, i have a very hard time trusting Zionist Media for my own personal reasons and this will likely go off-topic.

ok suppose i did believe everything i saw in the media...information such as "suicide bombing"...ever thought about the mentality of the people? when you are born to a Palestinian family, and at the age of three, when you should be learning your
ABCs,and alif-ba-ta-thas.. the first thing you learn is vendetta against those Zionist people who blowed up your house, killed you mom, raped your sister, killed your are in an environment where there is no food for months, no access to the outside world, no access to education, where the Israeli government blocks off all sources of trade to the native Palestinian people... the world of "security checks"...what type of mentality are the kids that are growing up in those type of environment likely to have? of course one wrong will never justify another wrong, but putting things into context, living in these conditions, the suicide bombers see it as their "way out of life" as an expression of vendetta and a political message. they live in an environment where they are not given the basic education to distinguish between a "Zionist" and a "common Israeli Citizen" many of the forum members here will agree with me that not Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. This is how i define a Zionist: someone who supports the existence of the state of Israel. I personally have no problem with a land solely for People of the Jewish Faith but not at the expense of killing and taking over other people's lands, this issue becomes personal for me particularly when it is my Muslim Brothers and Sisters...

of course, people like myself and many Muslims worldwide including the great majority of Islamic scholars will say suicide is haraam but i am by no means justifying what they do, i am merely presenting that they do and making a poor attempt at explaining what they do based on what i hear from news and internet since i never even met a suicide bomber in my my view is likely to be inaccurate!
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