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Originally Posted by Zunaid
Where did the the Jews originally come from? Mars? Arabs, Jews, Akkadians and other semitic races all have their origin here. Some got killed off and some got kicked off. At some point we draw the line and say in fairness - I see your right to live here. Anyway - I'm not here to proxy fight the middle east war all over on BC again. These little forum discussions never changed anyone's opinions. Cheers.

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You're right, they usually don't. But if even one person comes away thinking, hey maybe...just maybe, this is not a pure case of good vs bad, or right vs wrong, they are worth the time and effort.

I realize I've come across Pro-Israeli in this little conversation, in truth I am anything but.

-I strongly believe there should be a viable Palestinian state, not glorified encampments.

-I believe that nation once up and running, has every right to bear arms(unfortunately the discussion seems to be leaning towards a state that will be completely demilitarized).

-Israel should not have the power to deny that nation, vital resources(water, electricity, gas, travel rights)

One other point, those of us living in the west or elsewhere always complain about the bias in the Western Media towards the Israelis. That bias is undeniable, it goes so far that, the BBC, which is probably the most respected news organization in the world, is hated by the Israelis for being neutral on the mid east....haha.

That is the pressure, power and influence the Jewish diaspora have and exert in key places....but is it that strange? Is it so unexpected?

Why do the populace of those nations, and the media feel the way they do? Is it not simply a case of identifying with people that look, sound and have things in common with you?

Why are we, mostly Bangladeshis on a Bangladeshi forum, lamenting about Palestinians? Why do we have a soft spot for them? Did we feel equally as bad for the Rwandans? Who did we side with during the Balkans war? The Serbs? The Croats? How about the conflict in Chechnya? The Russians?

I think it's safe to say no....we identify with the Palestinians because of a real/perceived bond that we have with them, our faith.

During the Lebanese civil war, who did most of us side with? Who would we side with now? The Christian minority? I think not!

So the bias we speak of is undeniably there, and the Palestinian people, let alone the cause do not get a fair go from the world media(specially those run by News Corp - Fox/Sky) but that is par for the course, because we have our own biases.

We need to move beyond that bias, and look at the facts on the ground, and be pragmatic.
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