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Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
Before dreaming about winning World Cup in 2015, have you ever wonder yourself why after so many years of playing and producing so many class players South Africa, England, New Zealand still struggle to win it ? Surely, you cant say that they do not think of winning it or they do not have any action plan. Yes, you can come up with an example of Sri Lanka. But, to me thats an exception and exception can not be an example.
I can give an explanation, but dont wanna make this a thread of arguments.........clearly, all the asian teams have won it once even before their colonial rivals, why? Nothing but their craze for it......windies won the first two even after being inferiro in terms of cricket infrastructure back then, why? cricket was a way of life for them........dont wanna sound stupid, ofocurse i agree these arent the only reasons, but surely one important reason, fans also make up a part of the full system......for indians or sl, its literally a matter of everything, thats the only sport they play....regarding saffers, nz, eng, they have their rugby craziness, or for england their fanatiscism with football and english premier league.....clearly..u do find this made indians make it life and death for the indian players playing, whereas hardly any english or kiwi would care if their team wouldnt win a cricket world cup, thats what, theres a big difference in even how fans shape up the players
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