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Originally Posted by Naimul_Hd
If i consider your logic, then how come Australia manage to win it 3 times in a row ? Cricket is not Australia's first priority. They are crazy about footy and rugby too. People here hardly follow local cricket let alone world cricket and who follow cricket are surely not crazy like subcontinent people. So, what am i missing here ?
Well, i knew u wud be coming to me on this one, thats why i told in my previous post the craziness is not the "only factor", but a critical factor.In australia's case, i must say, i have never seen a professioanl system anywhere around the world, which kinda made them world point is.....we cant have or desire evrything to be world class staright away, if we wait for that time to arrive, and think we r not gonna win a world cup before we fix everything up, then we might just never win it, we, even with our shortcomings, should desire, think, dream to touch the world cup. We cant wait everything to be perfect and then think abt winning a world cup......teams in other sports with shortcomings in several areas have done it the past, so why not us?
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