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Originally Posted by Ace of BD
This is a VERY IMPORTANT question. I have seen one thing we all here, and by we, i mean "just about everybody", be it the coach, be it the players, be it the head of BCB, be it the media, be it the public, be it the fans, be it the pundits, just about everyone associated with Bangladesh cricket in one way or the other, doesnt quiet have the urge like others to win a WORLD CUP......i mean, seriously, we look around, and u can find examples....people first start talking abt we are no.9, we cant dream too high, we dont have a domestic structure, we can never win this, our players arent talented enuff...this and that, and i bet, this thread is actually gonna go the same direction....pretty much sure that countries like Ireland, Netherlands, really have that attitude of champions..hell even the Afghans have expressed their desire openly to win a world cup, just look at some of their players documentaries, though they yet to have qualify for a world cup....and we on other hand, just content by competing, setting our goals as second round....and if one starts to think big, peoiple start calling them dreamers....wth....i am actually fed up of this...looks like me, along with AsiftheManRahman....are the only ones that want a WORLD CUP, by hook or crook, and dont worry, changes will automaticaaly take place after winning a world cup, winning a world cup is like a revolution, just how sl cricket changed after 96......
The purpose of this thread is to send a message that whatever happens, and whatevr be the state of our domestic structure and all kinds of malefactors, or our cricket overall....our SOLE FOCUS should be getting that 2015 world cup.....every bit of preparation, evry series, hell evry match must be played as a preparation for getting the world cup...keep on trying...keep on trying....but plz WITH THE GOAL OF WINNING A WORLD CUP, and not with crap goal of just qualifying to second round.....lemme see how many of fellow members support me here....or start bringing in the reality......well folks, reality dint stop us from dreaming and achieving plz......i would be glad if i can see just somce changes starting from this thread itself
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