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Originally Posted by goru
Okay, I have a real suggestion:

Since it seems like:
- I can't give negative feedback on threads (95% of threads in my case) without it being considered "abuse"
- People get upset over negative ratings and sometimes feel targetted about you completely remove negative ratings?
You are right, there is no such a thing as "abuse" when it comes to ratings because you only have one vote. Abuse would be to open multiple nicks to vote multiple times. The whole concept of social voting is if you vote 3 negative, someone else will counter that with their vote if the thread deserves a higher rating. And chances of me voting positive are high when i see 3 red arrows on a thread that is actually good/enjoyable/worth my time.

therefore i disagree with removing the negative ratings - this is not bush education plan - no child left behind even if you are stupid as hell. There are truly some garbage threads out there... more so garbage posts. also some good posts too that I wanna clap to without replying.

anyways, what should be discouraged is the discussion of thread rating in every thread that is rated. That takes away from the topic.

Dn't worry goru, I am always there to fix your 95% dislikes, because i like 96% of the threads.
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