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Originally Posted by Murad
He was a BC staff before. I think in 2006/7.
True - many of you have been a BC volunteer staff at one point on the other. Based on what BC needs to at least preserve what we have and hopefully to make it better, there are many volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

Staff come in and go, based on the needs of BC, the skills they have, and the time they can give to BC.

For all of us, this is our first passion but second 'job'. We all have a day job or life that we have to attend to. Often this becomes so paramount that we can no longer give the time to BC for whatever reason - gotten married, got a job, had kids, started medical school, need to stop failing the exams, got bored with cricket and what not.

There is so much more to BC than the forum and so much more we want to do.

Often we will make a public call for volunteers for a specific task or we have a gap in our skill-set or need a warm body for a particular tasks and we will engage privately the member to see if he/she is willing to volunteer to be BC staff member for that task.

However - the biggest bunch of volunteers who have the biggest impact on BC are the members who post in the forums. That is why BC is BC.
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