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Originally Posted by MarufH
you have one thing on your side... low expectations!! Your (lack of) experience as a coach give you that advantage. .
Are you serious? It's an advantage to have the national Head Coach as having no, or little coaching experience? Isn't it a disaster?

This is the national coach of a Test Team not a junior side. Massive experiment by the BCB this one and a huge gamble of resources. Would have been easier to wait for people to become available in my opinion and not be under pressure to appoint someone.

Should have left Grant Luden in charge as he is at the moment and waited for a key coach with experience in both leading as head coach and also a great batting coach.

We now have someone with no experience is either department to speak of. Such a huge huge gamble that we wanted to avoid after the WC.

And also be ready for a rush of Aussie coaches being brought in under him as he brings in colleagues and friends.
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