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Originally Posted by Banglaguy
^^Actually, Maruf Bhai is right. When there is less experience, there is less pressure for you to ensure good performances. This means they can go about doing their Sh*t, and no one will complain. If it works, then good a gamble paid off. If it doesn't, then it's alright, it was a gamble by the BCB anyway.
Am I reading you correctly? Less pressure? And no one will complain??? In Bangladesh??????? It is the most pressurised job in world cricket and needs someone who knows what they are doing...

Within a few weeks the press, fans and everyone else will savage a coach who produces poor results. They won't say "oh well, he is learning" or "oh never mind, he has no experience"

There are just 9 Test Team head coaching jobs in the world. This is not an experiment. You'd better be good or you will be gone before the two years is up. BD cannot afford to slip backwards here. There is HUGE pressure on... It's exactly why coaches like Fountain and Pont were so good. They produced instant results in their own departments starting with the 4-0 Tiger wash.

If Law doesn't win the series in Zim comprehensively, or worse still LOSES it, the media will not be very kind.
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