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Originally Posted by Avik
it should always be bottom 4 full members vs top 4 associates (winners and top teams of the world league). bottom 2 vs top 6 isnt fair.

though the game is progressing, ICC should only bring the best of the associates to the world cup, not as many as possible. top 4 of the associates get a chance, at 4 spots. much more competitive, and fair to all parties involved.

and the bottom 4 spots in the ICC has never been in doubt.. West Indies with their shabby form, NZ with their losing streak, Zimbabwe's rebellion, and of course our mediocrity ensured that.

the bottom 4 vs the top 4 of the associates cud become very interesting.

It would be very unfair if it is just Bangladesh and Zimbabwe that have to go into a qualification stage with the Associates.
Automatic qualification should go to the hosts of the tourney and then top 3/4/5. Otherwise there are going to be cases where some teams are going to pick up ranking points easily by beating top teams that field a weakened/rested team, like recently when WI twice beat a India team that rested a lot of its first teamers.
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