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I don't understand why people are so afraid of qualifiers. If we are a good team then we should beat any associate anywhere. I don't think that the system of qualifers is unfair.

Picking bottom 2 test teams and not 4 also looks very fair to me. If you see the top 8 teams they are the ones which reached the QF of the world cup. And the ODI ranking has been based on performance of 4 years. A team which has been beating more teams has a better ranking. A team beating less teams has lower ranking. Bottom 2 + 6 Associate is a good prospect.

If the WCQ is held in Scotland as planned earlier I see a real threat to both BD and Zim. Afghans with their seamers, Ire, Scot and Neth due to favorable conditions will have a massive edge over us. People can doubt over it but I strongly feel so.
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