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Default Any news about the BD vs. Holland game

If anyone out there has heard about the outcome of the game then please share. I am absolutely appalled with Cricinfo. Not only are they not covering the Holland game but also they are not planning to cover the England game.

Boy, I really hope Bangladesh kicks some bu** in this tournament so people can take us more seriously and provide the TV and media coverage that any new test nation deserves.
In reality, Bangladesh will probably win the Holland game, that is if the top order batsman don't try to emulate Tendulkar. Judging from England's recent performance against India, England has improved both in batting and bowling since they last played Bangladesh. If only the BD batting plays sensibly does BD stand a chance to put up a respectable fight with England, even if it is in vain. With no match practice at home, I seriously doubt that whether the BD batsman will perform at all. As for the Australia and New Zealand game, I just pray that the games are washed out. Going with a win (hopefully from the Holland game) and a fighting loss (hopefully from the England game) will instill some confidence into team.
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