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A couple things to note, I think it was very evident that Shakib had a say in the playing XI at the end of Jamie's tenure, if he playing XI was picked that wasn't to his liking he'd vent (I'm using a very conservative word here) to the media how, it wasn't to his liking and he'd get it changed. Wasn't afraid to throw jabs at Masri and others, I thought he had an agenda on who was picked and didn't pick. I don't think it's the Captains role to pick the playing XI, Vettori did it and we all saw the results. The Pipeline isn't short, he just has a few friends that have been on the team that he'd like for it work out with.

Now we have a new Coach and cycle and everybody for the most part gets a clean slate in the eyes of the new coach, it would be interesting if Player X catches the eye of Law but not Shakib, what would happen.

Also be interesting too see what Law's thinks of Shakib's Asinine PP strategy and his views on the over dependence on spin. Alot of opportunities for the two not to meet eye to eye.

Lastly we have alot of Cricket Coming up, 4 International Tours in the next 6 months ... If were up 3-0. It wouldn't kill Shak to kick his legs up and take a the final two ODI's off, because I don't want to hear the words Fatigue as a excuse if form happens to dip.
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