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Default SA vs WI

SA win a thriller. However, howthrilling is this ? (the comment by the cricinfo commie):

Dillon will be killing himself bowling the leg side wide, one ball
to go

End of over 49 (16 runs) South Africa 242/8 (RR: 4.94 RRR: -3/0 = 0.00)
M Dillon 10-1-60-4 (3w 2nb) - South End
N Boje 0* (0b) AC Dawson 4* (1b 1x4)

48.6 Dillon to Dawson, FOUR, outside off, drives, edges, thick edge,
goes to 3rd man for a SOuth African win
48.6 Dillon to Boje, wide: one run, leg side wide and they take a run,
scores tied, Dillon you idiot !!

last ball, three runs, two to tie, one run to catch the plain home
Boje facing, Dawson with him
Still one ball, scores tied

(Dillon you IDIOT ? Aren't we getting too excited here? Cricinfo isn't a fan site you know)
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