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We might consider the practice match harmless enough using excuses after excuses but if we lose the test, the blame will directly go to THIS match. Why didn't we have red alert at that match? Why did we lose the practice match in the first place? Didn't it give us caution already?

So this loss may be the crux of the matter; now, I don't mean to bash Siddons, okay may be I do, but being lax is DEFINITELY not the way to prepare. Remember how we experimented pre-WC? And everyone was saying: oh oh these are just warm up matches and should be taken lightly. Well guess what? Those matche losses were mild compared to the REAL drubbing we had in WC.

"Be warned, be very warned," sayeth the soothsayer.

So I don't know if it is residual of Sidvision that we should take practice games lightly but this has NEVER paid any dividends. On the flip side of it, if we actually ended on a high, we could catapult off them....

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