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Originally Posted by ZeeshanM
^Indeed R-bhai. Good one by US. Credit must be given where it's due; one of the better interviews I have read.

Quotable among:

Many people, I don't know because of cultural factors, mistake cockiness with confidence or self-abasement with humility. You NEED to have certain image of yourself in mind, your uberself, that inspires and boosts you.

They say, Torpedo, the swimmer used to listen to Lil Wayne and Wentworth Miller has Eminem in their ipod. Of course, many people consider their songs to be ego-boosting but certain level of haughtiness is a necessary evil in a person to surmount the insurmountable. When one reaches of "Sahabi" then humility comes automatically.

Amare lathi ushta marbe aar ami fal fal kore hashbo? Not even Dalai Lama. All those who like to bash our players for arrogance, my pray: Give them some latitude. Give them some window to grow. They are adults; they don't need to be on leash by 3rd party. It's a cultural stigma imo, but it's destructive.


^ well said.
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