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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
so here's a question: is the AL closer to India than the BNP is to Pakistan?
I know which one is better for the country in the long run, and it isn't the relationship with our 'brothers' in Pakistan or their f-ed up ideology. How many thousands of Pakistani civilians have the Allah fearing militansts killed in places like Karachi this year alone?

Give me the option of Indian onions and cattle flooding this country, or stone age Neanderthals trying to tell me how I should live my personal life and the sort of society we should strive for, I choose India everyday of the week, and twice on Friday.

Why are people against this issue of Transit? Why do you care? Personally I don't give a damn about big slogans about our sovereignty etc etc. If the BNP weren't opposing this for the sake of opposing it, would this even be an issue?

I liked what the FM had to say, no one has transit rights, yet our ports were handling 10 trucks worth of arms intended for which country? What was out status as a sovereign state when this was happening?

I hope we become even bigger bosom buddies with India.
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