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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
so here's a question: is the AL closer to India than the BNP is to Pakistan?
If you're talking about governments and state actors, then why ask about "Pakistan"? China is more plausible, but to claim BNP is "close" to Pakistan (in the same manner as AL is "close" to India) is extremely difficult to validate.

However, it is plausible to claim that BNP's underlings (that Rajshahi MP sponsor of Bangla Bhai, SaQa Chy, Nizami and the bearded ones) had "close ties" to Pakistani fundoos. The Same way that AL's underlings (the BCL, Jubo League running amok with crime) is being protected by AL.

Either way, the Economist article cannot be blamed as being "baseless" and a "canard". They broadly cover pretty much all the debates regarding the issue within Bangladesh, and how AL is sucking up to India, and while on paper this relationship should benefit both parties, in reality its more one-sided to India's favours.

More importantly I'm extremely worried about the implications of the 15th Amendment which makes it illegal to criticise the government, gives it broad powers to silence and repress opposition, denies the existence of indigenous populations, etc.
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