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Originally Posted by Jadukor
Making the excuse of "its better than being buddies with Pakistan" is really not a valid arguement here. Why does it have to be an option between India or Pakistan? We should do what serves our country best and think about other country's interest as a distant secondary goal. We don't need to suck up to India and we definitely need to stay the f*** away from extremist infested Pakistan.
The matter of Transit needs to be discussed and debated in the Parliament so that the we know what are the pros and cons regarding the deal... although I doubt the two ladies would stop their eternal chulachuli and bring some sort of sanity back into our politics
Who is going to debate it? When was the last time the Parliament had a real debate about anything? The AL will propose whatever, and BNP will oppose it for the sake of politics, BNP will propose something and AL will return the favor. When was the last time, the AL/BNP praised a single initiative by the other?

More importantly, what I am truly sick of is hearing, we the people supposedly want to topple our govts? Just about no other country(other than the freaks in Thailand) make it their main purpose in opposition to be, the forced downfall of elected govts, before the end of their terms.

"Notun shorkar power-e escheche, start the countdown to our street agitations for the democratic rights of the people"

The retards in Thailand - lets put on yellow and red t-shirts and sit around occupying city centres...hahaha.
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