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Originally Posted by ammark

More importantly I'm extremely worried about the implications of the 15th Amendment which makes it illegal to criticise the government, gives it broad powers to silence and repress opposition, denies the existence of indigenous populations, etc.

Read the papers, watch the news, and talk shows every night in this country?

Criticizing the govt is something that has gone on in this country be it under the BNP and AL, pretty much unopposed.

The only time this was restricted at any point was post 1/11, when the military went mental for a few months.

Makes it illegal to criticize the govt...Silence the opposition, I've got no mark mullahs on the tv bitching about the govt and how Allah told them, it was their mission to bring down this govt on a weekly basis, and you reckon the opposition is being silenced......hahahahahahah

As for the indigenous population, I liken that debate to the multicultural issue doing the rounds all across europe now, or the French insisting everyone is French. If it's good enough for them, I say it's good enough for me.
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