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I am gonna say if Bangladesh tries to win it, they will lose it. When a team bats 120 overs in their first innings, they never lose that game unless they see a huge collapse on the second innings. For Zimbabwe they will bat more than 120 and they wont have a collapse in the second because our pace attack isnt any standard what so ever. So the best thing to do for Tigers is it go for the draw. Whenever our batsmen get on, just tell them they have rest of the duration of the whole test to bat so they DONT rush. For Zimbabwe their goals have been accomplished already. They dont have to win, they have to prove they have the temperament to play test cricket, and they proved it well. Bangladesh batting attack have to do the same. Doesnt matter how long they bat, they will have to absolutely stay on the wicket and prove they are worthy of test cricket and they can play full 5 days of cricket. Thats a bigger goal for me right now. Because if Bangladesh tries to win it, they will have to be over aggressive which will result in a collapse.

So i hope our batsmen will stick in there even if they cant score well.
our pace attack is not even international ODI standard. I can guarantee i can play those short pitched slow deliveries with a defensive field like Shakib had. Nazmul was the only bowler with some control and variation and he was left out.

And i am proud to say this, i am a better captain than Shakib in test cricket......
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