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Originally Posted by ehsan2012
Really? Read the papers, watch the news, and see what happened to Mahbubur Rahman, editor of Amar Desh, and what happened to the editor of

Although I don't expect AL supporters to convinced by such mundane things like "evidence".
Still crying about the election defeat? Hopefully you'll be crying again in a few years time....

Come back to me, when this AL govt, murders BNP Member of Parliaments or ex ministers, or tries to assassinate Khaleda.

Modern day BNP lackeys pontificating about oppression. The temerity of the man...hahaha.

I came into this topic, and my posts reflected the irresponsibility of all concerned, and how everything has been a case of tit-for tat, yet we have this BNP lackey, crying about Amar Desh, and Mahbubur Rahman(erstwhile energy advisor when BNP were in power, co-creator of the BNP manifesto for the last election, and now chief co-ordinator of Pro-BNP propaganda piece Amar Desh)

All the while ignoring, BNP shutting down Ekushey TV(and then the military, and AL in turn shutting down stations, CSB News, Channel 1).

How is that for evidence?

Just go back to praying for Tareq, don't fret though, he'll be King of Bangladesh soon enough, and it'll be a long reign too.

Me, I'll continue to live in this country, minding my own business, because after all neither party matters to my personal life, I'm rich now, and will continue to be rich. I'll bitch about the pollution, jams, law and order, all the while purchasing more SUVs, while hiding my income, and cheating the govt of electricity and water revenues.
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