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Good find.

Real Politik, I like it. Money before all else.

Z, personally I am neutral when it comes to this particular issue. I've spent a fair bit of time overseas, and understood, the plight of not only minorities, but tribals, historically.

I just thought, when the French insist, everyone is French, regardless of where they came from, they are applauded, yet here we are saying something similar(obviously our reasons aren't as 'honorable', we get chastised for it). It's hypocritical.

@BanglaTiger84 - The truth is a bastard, but there you are. It's precisely why I normally don't get into the frenzy most whip themselves into in deshi forums all over the internet, about corruption in Bangladesh. Most of them refuse to look at themselves, their families.

Hasina-re gali dey, Khaleda-re gali dey, how about cursing ourselves first?

Kichu holey, public sector workers and the govt get abused for corruption, yet the private sector is worse, they hold this country hostage, yet because they are businessmen...they are entrepreneurs and people that are on rich lists, and deserve accolades and . No one questions their hoarding...their complete lack of corporate social responsibility, or the criminal negligence they show in terms of the quality of products.
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