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Default A first innings lead?

I think bowling out PAK in less then 350 would be a good morale booster for BD. If this were to happen, we will got to second innings with a lead and extend it.

It is very pleasing to see how BD has raised our expectations. Before the start of the test we were expecting to score 200+ total per innings and take it to the 4/5th day. Now we expect 400-450 (some even mentioned 500/600!) per innings from this team. Reality is somewhere in between.

361 runs for first innings is pretty good. Sure it would have been nice if we had scored more. Having 2/3/4 batsman perform very well in each innings is where my expectation is. If we expect 5/6 batsman to do very well, we are expecting our batsman to perform at the level of Aus. I think that is a bit too high a expectation right now, speically considering where we were three months ago. I am sure eventually we WILL perform at that level.

We started to dream of 400/500/600 run innings and that got shattered. Lets start creating a new one. The match is not over yet. I would be extremely happy if we can bowl out PAK today. If we do that below our score, even better.

Smile people, it is gonna get better.
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