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I am a little shocked but I think Zimbabwe out played you and wanted it more than you. I have thought for two years that the Bangladesh team would come good and develope as time went on. I hope that you guys make it in test cricket but at the moment your home cricket system needs to be looked at . You need to unearth players that can build an innings and graft not just fluent stroke makers . Also the need for a decent quick bowler that hurries the opposition. Mpofu intimidated the batsmen your bowlers I am sorry to say did not at all . I am sorry but If you play on spinning tracks and all you can serve up is Razzak then it is very poor. Where is the match winning spinner ?. I don't see a match winning bowl in the ranks and until you get one you wont win many games or even draw.

Your a better one day team but you need some players to show fight.
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