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Originally Posted by ZeeshanM
Okay here's my question...why we get excited about a nail biter against zimbabwe....

This is ZIMBABOOWE we are talking about ffs. We shouldn't even have to be in this defeatist position. Let it go. Accept and wish a 3-2. And hope for a 4th match drubbing and come to my thread.
We are desperate for a win dude from our losers.

Originally Posted by Holden
It was a length ball, it was there to be hit. There would be only four more balls left and he had Nazmul on the other end so he could exactly wait and try and take singles and also since it was not a powerplay over, fours would not have been easy to hit. Dhoni always goes after length balls so not sure why bring him into this.
Mush should have taken a bunch of two's. All fielders were on the boundary line and it would have been easy. The Zim bowler deliberately threw the ball that way so that Mushfiq goes for a big one and gets out. And, Mush fell for it.
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