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Originally Posted by napoleonIV
If BCB does not start paying heed to first class cricket, I would rather prefer that we get stripped of test status. It is our shortcut to test status that has ruined us most. We were not given any condition fulfill to achieve test status. Our test status was not a testament of our growing cricketing ability, rather it was a product of ICC politics. If we get something without really working for it, there is an innate tendency to value it less. That happened with our test status. Look at Ireland. When they were asked about test status after their fairytale success in the world cup, they said they were not ready! That is how much they value it. They don't want test status for the sake of it. Rather, they want it only when they are good enough for it. Look at Zimbabwe. The ICC didn't took away their status or impose any moratorium. They went to a self-imposed exile. That didn't want to play substandard cricket and humiliate themselves, and degrade test cricket in the process. IMO, we, as a nation, lack that self respect.

I really wish Bangladesh was given some conditions to fulfill BEFORE being granted test status. It probably would have meant few more years of wait, but it would have at least forced us to to improve our structure.

That is why IMHO if BCB does not take action, then it will be better for us to not play tests for a while. That will force BCB to finally pay heed and our players to take FC cricket seriously. Success obtained through shortcut can never be sustained in the long run.
Totally agree with you on this
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