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Originally Posted by reyme
Lets see, I have 5 pilots in the wings.
Lets Pilot 1 fly. He is okay but not great.
Lets drop Pilot 1 and try Pilot 2. Pilot 2 totally fails.
Try Pilot 3, he is okay, but not consistent. So drop him.
Pilot 4,5 are even worse. Drop them permanently.
Try Pilot 1. Repeat everyhting....

Point is it does not matter who you like or hate, to get the best Pilot you need the best instructor/coach.

First get the best coaches in place, that should be the starting point. Otherwise it will always be a musical chair game.
dunt agree with the best coach part. U cant really say that, "he is the best coach" and "the other one sucks"
Yes you need to have a full coaching staff who are capable of developing skills and consistency.
And if the players dont work hard themselves, even the worlds "best" coaches wont make any difference
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