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The Ashes - 2nd Test
Australia v England
Australia won by an innings and 55 runs

Test no. 54 | 1897/98 season
Played at Melbourne Cricket Ground
1,3,4,5 January 1898 (timeless match)

  • Jones was the first bowler to be no-balled for throwing in a Test match - umpire Phillips called him once.
  • McLeod avenged his unfortunate dismissal in the previous match by making the most of his surprising promotion in the order. (112)

The guy you hit? If he got a look at the plates, it won't even take that long. There's no play here. There's no angle, there's no champagne room. I'm not a miracle worker, I'm a janitor. The math on this is simple; the smaller the mess, the easier it is for me to clean up.
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