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The Ashes - 2nd Test
England v Australia
Australia won by 10 wickets
Test no. 61 | 1899 season
Played at Lord's, London
15,16,17 June 1899 (3-day match)

  • Trumper, aged 21, scored a chanceless 135* in his second Test Match.
  • Jones returned the best figures of his 19 match career.

Victor Trumper

...For this reason Trumper was, in proportion, more to be feared on treacherous wickets than on fast, true ones. No matter how bad the pitch might be from the combined effects of rain and sunshine, he was quite likely to get 50 runs, his skill in pulling good-length balls amounting to genius....

...."A certain English batsman, vintage 1950, looked at this picture in my company and said: 'Was he really any good?' 'Why do you ask?' was my natural question. 'Well,' said this International, 'just look where he is - stumped by yards if he misses.' This sceptical England batsman had never in his life been so far out of his crease."...
from The man who was the Golden Age
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